Latex Mattresses Australia

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Some examples of previous campaign strategies, creative, and directions which

Latex Matress Australia

Matresses represent a high cost and high involvement purchasing proposition for the audience.  With this in mind it is important to handle the most commonly raised objections right from the start.
Too Expensive

This is always the easiest objection to overcome.  Your audience DOES have the money and they WILL spend that money on something.  It is up to you to convince them that the best value they will get will be from superior sleep for years to come.  

Over 20 years you will spend 7300 nights in your bed and nearly 60,000 hours sleeping on your mattress.  You can choose to spend that time in a deep a peaceful slumber so you are well rested during the day or…

Too much hassle

Not enough attention is being drawn to the longetivity of latex.  With a lifespan double or even triple that of comparable spring mattresses the you are actually saving time and money when you select a latex mattress.

I think the FAQ page on the LMA website hold some great content.  Much of that content should be built into copy on product pages throughout the site and the unique selling points of the LMA offering should be displayed boldly across the site.

The website as a whole feels a little clunky and hard to navigate.  The menu is too complex (especially for a more mature audience) and should be simplified to narrow in on the UX red routes and optimise for conversion.

More video should be introduced to visually depict the points of difference of the product and allow the audience to self identify with the subjects in the videos.

Infographic animations could be created to quickly and succinctly convey the messaging at a glance rather than through paragraphs of text.

The quality of the imagery across the site could be lifted to meet the premium expectations which should be associated with the brand.  Stock imagery has a certain look about it which cheapens a brand.  I would replace all stock imagery with more relatable imagery which has clearly been created for LMA rather than purchased through a stock imagery website. 

I would give all still imagery and video content a visual tone through composition, lighting and colour grading to bring the brand some cohesion.  I would marry this up with a website redesign and a brand style guide to cover all media.  This would allow LMA to sculpt it’s own emotional aesthetic in line with the pillars of the business. 

Some examples of how colour can drastically alter the emotional response of the viewer. 

For LMA I would recommend warm tones and crisp whites to convey a sense of comfort and elegance.  For Pure Trio I would recommend sticking to the colour palette which has already been adopted.  The greens and white work really well with the warm tones in much of the imagery associated with the brand.

I would differentiate the two brands mostly by the contrast levels with LMA receiving a more subdued, lifted blacks aesthetic and Pure Trio getting a more impactful, crushed blacks effect.

I would select 2 or 3 subjects to be included in media campaigns.  Each subject would be selected to reflect a specific persona from the audience.  I believe a spokesperson or ambassador should also be selected to be the face of LMA to instill confidence and trust in the brand. 

Facebook Campaigns

Based on existing analytics I would trial a series of creatives, messaging, and audience targeting to narrow in on the most effective campaign strategy for each brand.

I would analyse sales data to find efficiencies in audience targeting and iterate ad copy, imagery, and landing pages to maximise return on ad spend. 

Google Ads Campaigns

I would perform competitor analysis, gap analysis and search term analysis.  I would use my findings to iterate on search terms, ad copy, and landing page content to reduce CPA and maximise conversion.

Search Engine Optimisation

LMA already enjoys excellent rankings for the search term “Latex Mattress”.  I would make efforts to rank highly for less obvious search terms such as “Best Mattress Australia” or “best mattress for back pain”. 

I would use a combination on and off-page strategies to achieve this along with SEO tools such as SEMRush and AHRefs.